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Lightrics Education

Welcome to Lightrics Education, the premier education ICT support company. Our cloud software solutions are leading-edge and designed with classroom-focused thinking in mind. Trust us to provide the best technology support for your educational institution. At Lightrics Education, we understand the importance of technology in education.


Our cloud software solutions are designed to make life easier for teachers and administrators alike, allowing them to focus on what they do best. We believe in providing expert support every step of the way, so that you can be confident that your educational institution's technology is always in good hands.

We offer a range of expert managed services that are tailored to meet the needs of schools. With over 10 years of experience providing technology solutions designed specifically for educational institutions, our award-winning products and services are trusted by schools across the UK to help them achieve their digital learning goals. 


Our solutions are designed to tackle all aspects of an education institution's ICT environment and to ensure a smooth transition to new digital platforms. Our team of specialists is equipped to handle networking, software, security, safeguarding, and more. 


We are proud to have over 40 schools nationwide using our services. We are also Wonde approved Partner, Cyber Essentials Plus certified, a Google Cloud Partner, a Microsoft Solutions Partner and a redstor Partner.


If you would like to learn more about the advice we can offer or the problems we can solve across our range of expertise, please contact our team of experts today at 07910428112 or email


School WIFI


Campus-wide wireless connectivity has become a necessity for students, faculty, and visitors alike, regardless of the device they use to connect. It's important to have always-on connectivity to support accessibility and inclusivity. Users prefer to authenticate once and move freely from halls of residence to lecture theatres, canteens, and student unions without experiencing any dropouts in connectivity.


However, bandwidth demands in crowded campus environments can be extreme, with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users looking to make the most out of hi-definition video, collaboration, learning resources, and social media. This can put a strain on wireless networks.


We understand the scalability, security, and performance challenges of wireless deployments within educational environments. That's why we offer expert consultancy and design services to enhance the student and staff Wi-Fi experience. Our specialist wireless surveying and deployment teams work to ensure that we deliver reliable solutions with enhanced coverage and continuity of service.

Digital Education Platforms


Digital Education Platforms are more important than ever, given the current challenges of remote learning. Schools and colleges need to have reliable and effective systems in place to ensure that their students can learn remotely without any difficulties.


As an approved partner of both Microsoft and Google, Lightrics can provide educational institutions with the necessary assistance to set up their digital education platforms.


Both Microsoft and Google offer industry-leading software with messaging, collaboration tools, homework assignment features, email, shared calendars, and cloud storage. These tools also include important safeguarding measures to ensure the safety of students. If you are looking to provide your students with the best remote learning experience, contact Lightrics Education today and let us help you get started.

Technology at School

Wonde Data Sync


Introducing Wonde Data Sync - an efficient and hassle-free tool for syncing student, teacher, and group data to various platforms. This easy-to-use data synchronization tool allows schools to automatically update Apple School Manager, Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory), or Google Workspace with data directly from their Management Information System.


For just £299* per year, primary schools can benefit from this tool, while secondary schools can avail it for £449* per year. Please note that the price excludes VAT and is the recommended retail price.


IT Support & Services

Our fully managed service gives you a single point of contact for your entire environment – infrastructure, applications, backup, security and more.


  • Central help desk support and optional on-site technicians – available 24/7.

  • Remote monitoring of your entire environment – network/security/firewalls.

  • Transparent support contracts with no hidden surprises.

  • Centrally managed ICT audits, software patching and disaster recovery.

  • Advice and guidance on ICT best practice and all things tech.

  • A partner that acts as an extension of your IT teams.

  • A free network health check, providing an audit of your school or MAT’s IT infrastructure, which will form the basis of your school’s support plan and technology road map, with actions based on severity in terms of cost savings, safeguarding issues and any efficiencies to be had.

  • Fully DBS checked staff.

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