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To place an order with us click here. If you are unable to find a particular product please let us know as we are constantly increasing our stock. All prices that we advertise are correct at the date published and prices on our websites are updated regularly. Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the Website information and prices, we cannot guarantee it and we, therefore, reserve the right to change advertised prices at any time and to correct any errors in advertised and confirmed prices. Prices are obtained from suppliers in advance and may change, before you confirm your booking, we will send to a quote for the goods/service. 

Terms Of Hire

Don’t forget: We’re not just a hire company. Ask about our transport, sales and DJ service. We’re also here to help with the design implementation of your event; advice is always free of charge, and we’ll spend as much time as you need by phone, e-mail or in person to help you choose the right equipment and achieve the best from your budget.


Lightrics will be referred to as"The Company" the company, person or persons, firm or business will be referred to as "The Customer". These  conditions of business shall apply to all transactions for the supply of equipment, materials and services (including the services of technicians and other staff.)

[1] All orders must be in writing. Supply charges for equipment are based on a period of one week. Fees for staffing and other services are based on a daily or weekly basis depending on the length of contract. Charges for staffing, design and consultancy, and other services, depend on Customer requirements, i.e. Number of staff, time required, etc. These charges will be finalised before any contract coming into effect.

[2] The Company cannot take any responsibility for any injuries to personnel or damage to property sustained as a result of use of dry-hired equipment. Equipment hired  will  be  at the Customers risk during the hire period and the Customer will be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused. In the event of any loss or damage to the Equipment the Hirer shall pay for its replacement, or the cost of restoring it to good working order, or allow LIGHTRICS or to carry out such work at the Hirer’s expense. The Hirer shall during the Hire Period keep the Equipment insured for its full replacement value with a reputable insurance company against loss or damage from all risks (including third party risks). The Hirer shall notify its insurers that the Equipment is on hire from LIGHTRICS and request the insurers to endorse a note of such interest on the policy, naming LIGHTRICS as loss payee.

[3]  Where appropriate, the Customer will arrange credits to be printed on posters, in programmes and published in other advertising media. The wording for such  poster and programme credits shall be appropriate to the equipment or services supplied to the Customer. For example: Lighting and Sound by Lightrics. Or where the services of specialist technicians or designers are utilised in connection with services offered a further credit has to be given. i.e. Lighting Designer (Name) or Sound Engineer (Name).

[4] Customers are responsible for ensuring that any relevant Rules, Regulations or Statutory Provisions that govern the use of any equipment supplied by the Company are complied with. The Company will in no way assume liability for any loss or damage caused through non-compliance with such Rules, Regulations and Statutory Provisions.

[5] All equipment is supplied in normal working order. The Company's only liability for any defect, or equipment failure hired shall be limited to the rectification of any such defect or failure that may arise from fair wear and tear. Equipment hired  must not be modified or altered in any way whatsoever. Should any equipment be found to have  been altered the Company will charge the Customer up to the full replacement value to correct any modification made. Any defect or failure of equipment supplied to the Customer, without staff, should be notified to the Company within 24 hours and confirmed in writing thereafter and in any event within 3 days. Should the Customer fail to notify the Company of any such defect or damage they will be liable for the costs arising to rectify any defect or damage that may  include parts and labour up to the full the equipment.  Spare Lamps MUST be returned for inspection or a charge for the replacement will be made.

[6] The Customer  shall be responsible for advising the Company as to the location of any hired equipment at all times during the period of hire. No equipment shall be allowed out of mainland Great Britain without prior consent of the Company.

[7] All equipment remains the property of the Company.

[8]The Company  reserves the right to  substitute other suitable designs for equipment ordered.

[9] When the Company provides services such as staffing, design and consultancy, etc. Other conditions not mentioned herein may apply; such as providing staff with per diem payments and or hotel accommodation and or travelling expenses and or meals whilst on site, etc. These additional conditions will be made clear prior to entering into any agreement with the Customer. 

[10]The  Customer will pay all hire charges and other such fees for staffing, design, consultancy, etc. on the agreed date. If payments are not made by the appropriate date equipment may be repossessed and/or services withdrawn and any discounts offered will be cancelled. In no way whatsoever will the Company be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of repossession of equipment or withdrawal of services. Should  the Customer cancel the services of the Company less than 24 hours prior to commencement, the Customer will be liable to pay the Company  up to 75% of the total fee together with the value of any expense incurred on the Customers behalf. Equipment lost, damaged or returned late will incur continued hire charges at the prevailing rate until equipment has been replaced, repaired or returned. Late return of the equipment will be charged at the daily rate.

None of the information printed in catalogues or price lists shall constitute any part of a contract.


This price list is for general information purposes only. The equipment specifications and the prices published in catalogues, etc. are subject to alteration without notice.

Upon taking  delivery of  hired equipment you will be asked to sign a delivery note.

By signing our delivery note  you are accepting the above terms and conditions of business

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