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Specialist Services

At Lightrics we have been fortunate enough in being able to branch out into other areas in recent times. Our clients are extremely impressed by the versatility of the company and are confident that Lightrics will deliver to a high standard. At Lightics we thrive when it comes to helping people. The best start to a question is "This might be really bizarre but can you do..." We get asked this a lot and because our staff have a wealth of knowledge usually the answer is yes. Below are some of the things we get up to:

Pat Test

Venue Services 

Lightrics has been providing specialist maintenance and testing services for performance venues for many years, with clients ranging from primary schools to West End Theatres.

With a huge wealth of experience in providing lighting, audio, video, rigging, staging and curtains, our fully qualified staff are able to offer a range of services to meet the needs of any venue in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, museums & galleries, houses of worship, professional theatres and television studios.

Our annual care packages are designed to meet all your venue's needs. We are happy to provide one, or all, of the main elements required. This simple approach gives you the peace of mind that all the legal documentation will be provided for the authorities.


Perfect for:


  • Drama Studios

  • School Halls 

  • Sensory Rooms

  • School Theatres

  • Licensed venues and halls

  • Professional Theatres and Arts Centres

  • Broadcast and Television Studios

  • Museums & Galleries

  • Conference Centres

  • Theme Parks & Visitor Attractions


Whilst we provide packages for Theatres, Opera Houses and Event venues a large proportion of our work is also looking after the dynamic and busy environment of the education market; halls, stages and drama studios. Our staff are CRB checked and fully aware of the Health and Safety responsibilities of working within a school environment.

Making sure that the specialist equipment and systems of a performance venue are safe and in good working order is important to the smooth running of any performance and in some cases a legal requirement. Lightrics offers a comprehensive range of services nationwide to simplify this task:


Testing & Inspection It is recommended that electrical systems should be periodically inspected and have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) to demonstrate a compliant maintenance regime. Stage lighting systems, whether in a school or theatre, are no different and require regular inspections.

Our qualified engineers will test your system for compliance with the wiring regulations BS7671: 2008 and where the system conforms, issue a certificate of compliance. This certificate will satisfy insurance companies and local authority requirements and support licensing applications.


An annual PAT test will demonstrate that your portable specialist theatre equipment is being maintained and cared for. Our technicians
are experienced at using and working with Theatre equipment, particularly important when 90% of the faults are picked up via visual inspection prior to the electrical test. Once a visual inspection is complete our technicians will electrically PAT test all performance lighting, sound and video equipment, labelling equipment with serial numbers and completing records of the results. The report produced can be used to track maintenance and act as an asset register.

Testing & Inspection Whether your venue contains complex flying systems or simple fixed bars and curtain track, they need to be inspected. Equipment that raises or lowers loads such as lighting or scenery bars must be inspected annually (and in some cases six-monthly) under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

Overhead static equipment such as fixed lighting bars, curtain tracks or other equipment must be inspected under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). Our rigging inspectors will examine both types of system to ensure that they are in safe working order and comply with all necessary legislation and good practice.

Our engineers can repair a wide range of specialist lighting, audio and video equipment and curtain tracks. From data projectors to sound desks and moving lights to stage lanterns, our experienced engineers are able to diagnose faults, make repairs to your equipment. As part of an annual care package Lightrics can offer a planned maintenance visit where equipment is functionally tested, cleaned and serviced, extending the usable life of equipment. Simple repairs can be affected at your premises; more complex repairs will be actioned in our fully equipped workshops.

There are variable time frames laid down by guidelines and in some instances legislation, as to how often systems should be tested. We would be happy to discuss the frequency of testing required in your venue and we can quite quickly establish with you what legislation and which guidelines apply to your space.


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