GLP Impression 90 RGB | NOW IN STOCK

Since its introduction, the impression 90 has taken the world by storm and set a standard for LED wash lighting. All units come as standard with 10 degree fixed beam optics. Lightrics has invested in a huge stock GLP Impression 90 RGB.

Smaller – with no base unit and able to be placed anywhere without being obtrusive and allowing more lights to be packed into smaller truck spaces. Lighter – with a weight of just 16 lbs. (7.5 kg) allows the impression to be mounted in many more places. Without having to sacrifice for a lower output fixture. Faster – solid state LED’s give instant lighting changes to match with video and it’s compact size and weight, the impression can move at incredible speeds too – 660 degrees of pan in just 2 seconds.

Brighter – 90 powerful K2 LED’s ensure pure bright light in every version – RGB or white – with output levels exceeding that of 575W discharge fixtures. And that’s not all; the impression produces beautiful smooth even fields of colour when mixing through all colour shades in the RGB version. Or from one colour temperature to another in the white versions.