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The BEHRINGER ULTRA-DI DI100 is the ultimate universal helper on stage and in the studio. The active BEHRINGER Direct Injection box puts an end to hum and impedance problems.

You can get to grips with any imaginable source of sound e.g. electic guitar, bass or keyboards, and route it into the mixing console clean and balanced. Pick up any guitar amp directly at the loudspeaker output on systems up to 3,000 Watts.




  • Response 10Hz - 50kHz. Input fully isolated with a transformer.
  • Very quiet front end pre-amplifier includes gold plated XLRs and jacks for inputs and outputs.
  • A 50dB switched input attenuator allows connection directly to instruments, line level signals or speakers.
  • An Earth lift switch provides isolation against hum loops.
  • Corners are protected by rubber bumpers which also allow multiple units to be stacked vertically.
  • It operates using a 9 V battery or 48 V phantom power.

Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 Active DI Box

SKU: DI101
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